Postcard Resistance

We the People Vote

We the People Vote

Resist with red fist


one nation indivisible with US flag

One nation - Indivisible

Don't Tread on Me flag

Don't Tread on Me (ACA)

Keep birth control copay free
Our bodies, our minds, our power

Our bodies, our minds, our power

Town hall for all - you represent more than special interests

Town halls for ALL

woman with an American flag head scarf - we the people

We the People

love trumps hate

Love trumps hate

Repeal and Replace the GOP

Repeal and Replace the GOP

Impeach Trump

Impeach Trump

blank postcard

Blank Template

What is this?

PDF templates you can download and print on 8.5" x 11" card stock (110# paper). It's a cheap and easy way to make multiple postcards to send messages to your legislators for any issue.

Send your cards

  1. Print your postcard sheets. Each PDF prints four postcards per page.
  2. Cut your postcard sheets into four postcards using the cut lines.
  3. Write your message. Be brief, specific and respectful. Read these tips
  4. Find addresses for your members of Congress: two state Senators and your district Representative.
  5. Get some postcard stamps from a post office or online. It costs $0.34 to send a postcard.
  6. Mail your postcard!
  7. Tweet your designs

Why postcards

Postcards get to your members of Congress faster than letters and are more effective than email. Letters in envelopes have to be inspected individually which can delay your message. Postcards go right through!

All you need are a printer, paper, pen and postage to make a difference.